Law Of Obligations

The law of obligations is one branch of private law. It is the body of rules that organizes and regulates the rights and duties arising between individuals. The specific rights and duties are referred to as obligations, and this area of law deals with their creation, effects and extinction.

PARLANTI Law Firm deals with legal proceedings in Italy relating to obligations arising from illegal and unlawful acts, contracts or other voluntary or involuntary causes, such as unjust enrichment or unilateral promise.

In this context, we are specialized in the collection and compensation cases  related to contracts, torts or unjustified enrichment, pecuniary or non-pecuniary damages, tenancy agreements, general transaction requirements, assignments, rental receivables,  rental fixation and discharge, transfer or warranty agreements.

We act before the competent Italian courts to assure our national and international clients the full satisfaction of their credit rights.