Family And Inheritance Law

Globalization and the migrations of capital and labor that have accompanied it in recent years have transformed family law and inheritance law in once unimaginable ways. People of different nationalities marry, have children, divorce, go to live abroad, buy real estates in different countries and then unfortunately die and leave legacy abroad.  The practice of family law has become internationalized. 

Parlanti Law Firm is recognized for  its expertise on family law and inheritance law cases that have an international aspect.

We provide international consultancy and legal assistance on family law and inheritance law especially to foreign clients living in Italy and we are able to deal with our clients in English, French and Turkish language. 

international child custody and international divorce in courts

We regularly advise and assist on many family and inheritance law issues, including the following:

Legal consultancy about legal requirements for  marriage in Italy of foreign citizens.

Legal assistance to prepare documents and submit them to competent authorities for marriage of foreign citizens in Italy or marriage of Italian citizens abroad.

Legal consultancy about marital property, separate property and marriage obligations and rights according to Italian and international laws.

Legal consultancy and assistance about separation and divorce in Italy and abroad.

Divorce Litigation and Divorce Mediation in Italy.

Spousal Maintenance, Child Maintenance, alimony and  spouse protection measures.

Paternity, custody, adoption, tutelage and tutorship of minors and disabled persons in Italy 

We handle all aspects of inheritance procedure in Italy for our international clients:

  • Obtaining the Last will and Testament 
  • Filling and Registering of Inheritance Declaration at the competent Italian national authorities
  • Paying inheritance taxes
  • Liaising with banks and all official bodies 
  • Registering of properties at the National Land Registry
  • Mediation and Litigation in cases of disagreements and controversies between heirs  over inheritance issues in Italy