Immigration Law

Visa, Residence Permit, Asylum, Citizenship in Italy.

With over 10 years of experience, Parlanti Law Firm provides legal consultancy and assistance to individuals, families, international business executives, private companies and investors and on their immigration law matters in Italy. We represent both private and corporate clients in respect of applications to enter or remain in Italy for work, family, business, investment or study. We are expert in dealing with cases in all areas of the Italian immigration law.

We assist our clients in their visa applications and residence permits applications. We advise them about Italian immigration laws, rules and requirements, we help them in preparing the required documents for immigration applications. We get in touch with competent Italian authorities (consulates, embassies and immigration offices, prefectures) in order to check the situation of their  applications and to solve any problems and misunderstandings.   

We focus our practice on Investment and Business Immigration. We assist entrepreneurs, managers, and specialized employees who aim to settle in Italy in order to start a new enterprise, create an international business or invest in existing Italian companies.  We advise you about the advantageous residence permit proceedings for company managers and great investors in business or real estates.

We also assist international companies in temporary posting of workers in Italy for specific tasks or projects.

In case of refusal or revocation of a visa or residence permit it may be possible to challenge the decision by a right of appeal before a Civil or Administrative Judge or a right of administrative review. In these cases we assist our clients in all types of judicial appeal or administrative application.

We also offer assistance for revocation of the entry ban in Schengen countries issued by Italy authorities. We prepare and submit the application to cancel the names of individuals from the blacklist of Schengen Information System (S.I.S.).

We are highly experienced in applications for Italian citizenship and we can advise our clients about all the rules and requirements in order to obtain Italian citizenship whether for marriage, long-term residence, Italian origins, etc. We help clients to prepare and submit applications and required documents. 

We assist foreign students in Italy in all types of administrative and legal proceeding: university and school enrollment, residence permit, house rent, etc. 

We pay particular attention in family reunification application, in order to let foreign workers and business men to bring their families in Italy.

Our law firm offers legal consultancy and assistance in Italy to individuals aiming to applicate for political asylum and international protection in Italy: we help them to prepare documents and we assist them during all the steps of the proceeding before the competent International  Protection Commissions.