Recognition And Enforcement Of Foreign Judgments In Italy

The judicial decisions issued by the courts of a foreign country are generally directly valid in Italy, provided that certain requisites exist. However in order to proceed with enforcement in Italy of a foreign judgment, is required an application before the competent italian courts.  This application starts a special recognition and enforcement proceeding of foreign judgments, with its own specific rules and conditions. According with Italian laws the competent court for this kind of proceeding is the Court of Appeal.

Parlanti law Firm, with more than 10 years experience in the field provides to international clients reliable and qualified legal advice and assistance for the recognition and enforcement in Italy of all types of foreign judgments including sentences of divorce, debt collection and compensation judgments. 

If you want to have your foreign divorce to be enforced in Italy, if you want to collect in Italy the payment ordered by a foreign judgment you can contact us and we will take care of your case. 

We also provide legal assistance for the registration of foreign divorce sentences at the Italian civil registry offices.