International Trade Law

International Trade Law has become one of the most important pillars of the contemporary law system. The globalization process with a growing interaction among the people and companies of different nations driven by international trade and investment and aided by information technology has has led to the need for an increasing adaptation of the law to a fast changing reality .

Parlanti Law Firm, with years of experience in this field, is recognized for its competence and reliability and  provides comprehensive and trustworthy legal assistance in Italy to international companies and clients from all over the world (Turkey, Azerbaijan, India, China, Emirates, USA and many other countries)  doing trade in Italy. 

We help our clients to find their way through the complex network of regulation, legislation and standards that rule the global trade.

We regularly advise and assist on many international trade law in Italy issues, including the following:

  • Custom Law compliance matters and related issues such as seizure of goods, containers, trucks, cars, boats.
  • Customs regulations, controls, classification and procedures
  • Unfair competition related to  import export activities
  • Litigation and Arbitration concerning international trade disputes 
  • Drafting of international trade agreements and contracts 
  • Resolution of controversies related to international shipping and transportation 
  • Debt collection related to international trade
  • Italian maritime law and maritime trade issues 
  • Export and import controls and trade barriers
  • Rules of origin
  • Food and product safety in international trade including sanitary and phytosanitary issues
  • Free trade agreements