Execution And Bankruptcy Law – Debt Collection In Italy

Parlanti Law Firm has years of experience representing international corporations and other businesses and creditors in cases involving commercial litigation, debt collection, and the enforcement of the rights of creditors in Italy.  We provide our clients with competent, aggressive, result-oriented approach in order to collect their money from debtors in the best and fastest way. 

We make wide research of the properties and assets of the debtors in order to find the best way to enforce our clients’ credits such as attachment of debtor’s earnings or their movable and immovable property and, if necessary, a petition for bankruptcy of the debtor. 

We assist our clients in a wide range of execution and bankruptcy law matters in Italy, our law services include: 

  • Amicable settlements;
  • Summons and injunction letters to debtors;
  • Enforcement of promissory notes and negotiable instruments in Italy
  • Negotiation of payment plans between debtors and creditors
  • Applications to Italian Courts for order of payment against debtors
  • Judicial proceedings to collect debts in Italy
  • Writs of execution, mortgage, seizure, and foreclosure proceedings
  • Debt collection in the frame of bankruptcy and other insolvency cases
  • We represent our international clients in bankruptcy cases in Italy involving their debtors.

We are able to provide to our clients legal assistance everywhere in Italy, including the most important trade and business cities like Milano, Roma, Firenze, Bologna, Venice, Torino, Genova, Napoli, Ancona. Contact us at info@avvocatoparlanti.it  or mobile number +39 347 05 26 188