Sworn Translation


Parlanti Law Firm is the best choice for traslation from turkish and english to italian of all sorts of legal documents, applications, administrative papers. 

With more than ten years of experience as lawyer assisting international clients in Italy and a high knowledge of legal italian, legal english and legal turkish Tommaso Parlanti is able to translate legal documents from english and turkish to italian in the most clear and reliable way with a special accuracy and attention to the legal terminology and to the rules of different legal systems.

Our law firm, with seat in Florence, Italy, is registered in the lists of traslators of the main italian courts and is able to provide fast and high quality translations of legal documents at very fair prices.  We also supply the Apostille certification provided by the competent italian offices in ordfer to ensure worldwide validity to our translations. 

We can translate all sorts of legal and administrative documents including laws, regulations and statements, court decisions and judgments,  expert’s reports, patent applications, insurance policies, bills of exchange, legal declarations, company formation documents, birth certificates, marriage certificates,  contracts, agreements, real estate certificates of title, licenses, company registrations, corporation bylaws and charters, delivery orders, certificates of circulation, letters of guarantee, powers of attorney.